Good craft beer is founded on malt, hops, yeast and water and each have their own distinctive impact on the flavour of the beer.

Malt is the base of beer and its flavour comes from the type of cereal, where it is grown as well as how much it is roasted or kilned, just like coffee. Light roasts yield malty sweet flavour and

aroma while more roasting leads to coffee, chocolate and caramel flavours to name a few.

Hops are grown all over the world and there are hundreds of varieties which have their own unique flavour depending in the region of the world in which it is grown.

Water is fundamental to the flavour of beer and the key reason why certain regions of the world are renowned for certain beer styles. Each one of our beers has water blended to be as close as possible to the water from the regions where the beer style originate.

Yeast is what finally converts the malty, hoppy liquid into beer and the strain of yeast determines the flavour. Different yeasts consume malts differently to produce fruity aromas and provide the mouth feel. We use a range of different yeasts for different beers thereby providing the variety of flavours.

At PMG we hand craft beer using only the very best malts, hops, yeast and water that is blended to be authentic to the region from which the beer style is made. Our beer is crafted using traditional techniques without chemicals or additives and is fermented on site to produce the most authentic taste that is normally only available within a brewery