Also called bright beer tank, serving tank or secondary tank,, shortened as BBT.
A brite beer tank is a type of brewing equipment that matures, clarifies, and carbonates beer after fermentation.
BBT is used for the final stage in the brewing process, after which the beer is ready to be bottled.


-Material: SS304 / SS316
-Working Volume: 200L-10000L
-Plate Thickness:
2mm for cladding;
2mm for jacket;
3mm-4mm for inner vessel
-Insulation: 50-100mm (PU)
-Design Pressure for inner vessel: 3bar
-Design Pressure for jacket: 6bar
-Surface options:
#4 for cladding;
Mirror polish / 2B for inner vessel


-Safety Valve x1
-Sample Valve x1
-Carbon Stone x1
-Thermowell x1
-CIP Spray Ball x1
-CIP Arm Pipe x1
-Over Flow Pipe x1
-Bottom Outlet x1
-Rotation Outlet x1
-Hop Lid x1
-Side Manway x1
-Adjustable foot x4
-Lift lug x2
-Butterfly valve x3

Optional Accessories

-Spunding Valve x1
-Defoamer x1
-Thermometer x1
-Dry Hopper x1
-Liquid Indicator x1