Also called Hot Liquor tank, shortened as HLT or HWT.
FYI, the term Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) is a misnomer that comes from the commercial brewing world.
The HLT never holds anything that has alcohol in it or sweet wort. A better name would be a hot water tank, or hot water pot.


-Material: SS304 / SS316
-Working Volume: 200L-10000L
-Plate Thickness:
2mm for cladding;
2mm for jacket;
3mm-4mm for inner vessel
-Insulation: 50-100mm (PU)
-Design Pressure for inner vessel: 0bar
-Design Pressure for jacket: 6bar
-Surface options:
#4 for cladding;
Mirror polish / 2B for inner vessel


-Safety Valve x1
-CIP Spray Ball x1
-CIP Arm Pipe x1
-Over Flow Pipe x1
-Bottom Outlet x1
-Top Manway x1
-Adjustable foot x4
-Lift lug x2
-Liquid indicator x1