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With three production facilities across China PMG are able to cut manufacture time on tanks to only 30-35 days. During this time our team will present you with an exclusive production document, which they will update with information and photos every week.

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We’ll arrange a truck and fit your equipment into the container carefully with a forklift, tanks will be wrapped with protective PE foam. Each order will have a tracking number, the customer will know how his shipping is going and when the equipment will be delivered.

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PMG Events

SEA Brew 2022 ended successfully

PMG Events|

Aiming at helping brewers and marketing teams capitalize on Asia’s rapidly growing appetite for craft and premium beer, SEA Brew 2022 won an incredible success and ended on October 28th. As a highly qualified brewing

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Brewing Knowledge

tastes in beer?

Brewing Knowledge|

When describing beer, the following general definitions will help you understand how the flavour in beer are typically described: Hops: “Hoppiness” comes from the essential oils in hops that provide versatile flavour and aromas such as fruity,

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Recent Works

Project No.: PMG21086

Recent Works|

This is a project that we did for a customer comes from Yokohama, Japan, which includes 3x fermenters-1000L and 3 x fermenter-2000L, all the tanks are made by material SS316. The customer's going to

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Premium Machinery Group (PMG) is a global export-oriented manufacturer with multiple offices around the world. Specializing in brewing, winemaking and distilling equipment, we have a manufacturing capability of over 300 tanks each month, with more than 2,500 tanks exported to our customers worldwide annually.
Employing a team of 250+ staff, our production spaces of more than 30,000m2 are made up of three facilities across eastern China, while our international branches are represented by PMG-Australia in Australia/NZ, PMG-Nordic in Finland and PMG-USA in the United States.
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